Project Description
Examples produced by Cheeso, for general interest.

This is a set of application examples by Cheeso. I release them here only as example code, for others to use in applications of their own. The "applications" here are basic demonstrations only. They work, but I do not intend to maintain them or produce polished versions of them. They are intended to illustrate techniques, approaches, and usage of various APIs. They are examples only. Use them as you see fit.

Currently there are only a few examples; this list will grow over time.
  • C4MovieLister - a WPF program that uses c4soap to communicate with a Control4 Director device, inquire about the multi-disc changers available, and then slurp up the list of all the movies in those changers. It produces a printable XPS file containing the movie catalog.
  • TweetIt - shows how to use OAuth to simply connect to Twitter from .NET
  • wget - a wget tool written in C#. Use it to download content from HTTP/HTTPS URLs from scripts, makefiles, etc.
  • tar - a tar library and tool written in C#. It reads and writes .tar and .tgz / .tar.gz files. Use it as a library to read /extract / create tar files within any .NET application.

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